Who we are 

BIB Green Box.com is a showcase brand and domain of Best International Buyers Co Ltd., with both headquarters located in Guangdong Foshan. 

Best International Buyers Co., Ltd is a group of companies acting as Procurement Specialist for overseas buyers having requirements of various products for the Wholesale and Retail sector. 

By bringing high-quality sustainable products with surprising prices directly to B2B Buyers’ door, we make sure that all our partners enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience without leaving their office. BIB Green Box.com supplies wholesalers, and professionals in the catering business.

 BIB Green Box is our Own Brand, Own R&D Teams and In-house Manufacturing.

As an integrated design manufacturer, we are in full control of what we make and can manage production costs closely. This has made us a cost efficient and flexible   manufacturing services provider.



Why does BIB Green Box exist?

 At BIB Green Box we believe that leading brands can reduce their carbon footprint by becoming a sustainable and regenerative force for our planet and children well being . BIB Green Box exists to catalyze and support the conscious business community in achieving this vision from the China the world’s largest manufacturing hub. Our team is committed to develop, source and offer the world’s most sustainable packaging solutions.

Why Choose Us

Because we guarantee you will earn money by by working with us . Because we focus on customers’ needs we provide a large pallet of OEM ODM services. 

Because We Help our Partners to Make Profit, Save Time and Money, Solving ”Their Purchase & Logistics Business Problems” in China. 

We satisfy our customer requirements and needs by providing business solutions to problems related to Chinese products. 

Our objective is not to sell but to provide quality services to assure customer satisfaction, referral, and finally, customer reorders. 

We do that by listening to our partner’s requirements, wants needs, and problems. We always offer several strategies to achieve our objectives

Because At BIB Green Box.com we are an International Team , you may choose to correspond in English French, and Chinese.  We strive to communicate efficiently   and professionally dealing with business barriers, cultural standards ,values and stereotypes .

 Because we are business oriented people and we understand our partners needs  of sourcing the right products and services to satisfy their market requirements .

Because we are Committed to Quality and Integrity.

Our staff is seen and Treated as Valued Partners, we recognize the value and reward good work. We only work with partners that share our values. Being a procurement specialist in China needs commitment and responsibility, which we take very seriously. It also takes quality teamwork, a sense of duty, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner. If we cannot be successful in providing excellent services because of differences in value and standard, we simply don’t pursue the opportunity.

Because at BIB Green Box, we are not only a people-oriented company. Our Customer service management is of the utmost priority. The two are the main characteristics of our team and are inextricably linked. When employees are happy, they take pride in their jobs, they naturally want to make their customers happy.

We love Documentation. Because proper documentation is essential for good and profitable business and to get projects done right the first time. We document all our cases and help our partners to understand what we do and how do we do it.


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    All prices are mentioned in USD and exclusively for full containers offers.

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